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Mit dieser Frage befassen sich am 02. und am 03. Mai Schülerinnen und Schüler des Gauß-Gymnasiums und ihre Gäste aus Irland. Der Besuch der Schülerinnen und Schüler der St. Joseph’s Secondary School aus Rush, Irland, ist Teil eines Projekts, in welchem sich die Jugendlichen unter Anleitung von Ciarán Bauer vom renommierten Trinity College Dublin mit ihren eigenen Vorstellungen und Wünschen für Europa befassen.

Zu Beginn „traf“ man sich zum Skypen, im März fuhren die deutschen Lernenden nach Dublin und nun findet der Gegenbesuch im Ruhrgebiet statt, bei dem es nun vor allem um die Frage geht, wie junge Menschen für Europa begeistert werden können.

Neben den gemeinsamen Workshops besuchen die Jugendlichen dank der großzügigen finanziellen Unterstützung des Projekts durch die Sparda-Bank Gelsenkirchen gemeinsam die Zeche Zollverein, gehen bowlen und veranstalten ein Grillfest auf dem Schulhof. Bei allen Aktivitäten stehen der interkulturelle Austausch sowie die Kommunikation in der jeweils anderen Sprache im Vordergrund.

We are very sad that today was our last day in Dublin.

The day started at 8 o’clock with packing our bags, leaving our rooms and having breakfast in the hostel.

Then we visited the exhibition on the “Book of Kells“ and the library of Trinity College with Ciarán. There we took some pictures and had a little stop at the Trinity shop.

After this group activity we had some more free time in Dublin. We spend our last money and bought some souvenirs for our families, our friends and ourselves.

At 1.15 pm we met at the hostel and took the bus to the airport. We checked in, weighted our bags, went through the security check and went on a little shopping trip. Some of the girls bought panties at “Victoria’s Secret“.

Now we are sitting in the plane and are thinking about our enjoyable time in Ireland and we are all looking forward to going back soon. We will miss our new Irish friends

Goodbye Ireland!!!

Max, Emma & Jula

Today was another fantastic day. Thanks to the SpardaBank we were able to spend another great day with the Irish students in a castle near Rush. At Ardgillan Castle we got a lot of interesting information about the castle’s history and the people living there (even though the castle isn’t really a castle but a big mansion). The castle looked a bit like the house in Downton Abbey, which was very nice as well.

After the tour we had a little snack in the tearoom and some free time afterwards so we went to a playground close to the castle. We enjoyed our time there and learned that playgrounds are providing a good time also for people who are older than five. Moreover, we took some photos with the Irish students and our teachers to memorize this day. Then we went back to St. Joseph’s to have lunch.

The school is located close to the beach so we had the chance to visit the seaside. Some of us were taking pictures, others were having conversations in the beautiful scenery and Jula made a video for her stunning channel JulasCupcakeChannel. The air was refreshing and all in all we had an amazing time.

At St. Joseph’s we attended a German class and tutored the students to help them write their own little role-plays for their final exams.

When we arrived in Dublin city centre we had about two hours of free time, in which we were allowed to move around in the city centre or go back to the hostel before we had dinner there. Ciarán, one of the Irish students, also came to the city centre and had dinner with us. We had wraps and they were delicious.

Looking back we had much fun and are really looking forward to the next two days.

Gül & Pia

Today was a rather full day. We started with a relaxed breakfast at 9 am, but then we went straight to St Stephen’s Green. The weather was very great and the sun was shining. The park was beautiful and we took some wonderful photos until Max fished a coin out of a well and brought bad luck upon all of us.

After this, we followed Ms Rodenhäuser and Ms Hampe to Trinity College where we met up with the Irish students again to collect ideas and video material for our Brigde21 videos.

Ms Irvin and our teachers had also prepared a scavenger hunt trough the city, which we did in our German-Irish teams. We had to take pictures of sights and other things on a list in only one hour. The team “EisCream” of Emma, Caoimhe and Jula won the hunt with 17 photos and got some chocolate as a prize.

We ate lunch in the big dining hall of TCD, which looked just like the great hall of Hogwarts from “Harry Potter”.

Then it was time to go to the Science Gallery. Although it was not as big as we thought it would be it was very interesting and interactive. Some of us earned money at a machine where you could get one cent every 3 seconds by turning a crank.

After that we went to Bridge21 and edited our video projects, which we presented afterwards.

But then the time we spent together was over and we had to say goodbye to our new Irish friends. It was very emotional, because some of them aren´t coming to Germany in May and we do not know when we will see them again.

With a rather sad feeling we went to Christ Church Cathedral to participate in the Evensong. It was sung very beautifully and we loved the old medieval building.

The group that had booked the storytelling evening at the Brazen Head went off to go there, while the others lived it up with Ms Hampe in Temple Bar.

The evening in the pub was very interesting and the food tasted delicious. Especially the stories about the fairies and leprechauns were funny. Helena, the storyteller, made this a very great evening.

We returned home with Fiete and Berenike giggling and laughing as if they were drunk, while nobody else knew what they where laughing about. The day was very varied and nice. Quite tired we went into our rooms and fell asleep very soon.

Fiete & Jan

Today’s programme started very early: At seven am we met for breakfast at the ground floor of the hostel. After we had finished breakfast we went to the bus station and started the one-and-a-half-hour trip to Rush.

At St Joseph’s Secondary School the people welcomed us very friendly. First of all three students showed us the school until we met our Irish exchange students. We sang some songs together such as “The Fields of Athenry” and had scones with tea. Next we all spent a lesson with one of the Irish students, some went to the Geography class, some to the Chinese lesson and some to the Accounting class. The teachers were able to visit an Irish lesson (which is the national language in Ireland besides English).

After we had lunch we changed into our sports clothes and walked to the gym where a PE teacher was waiting for us. During the next two hours we learned a lot about hurling and Gaelic football, which are traditional sports in Ireland. We had a lot of fun and got to know the Irish students better. At the end of the school day they took us to our bus station and said goodbye.

Around 4 pm we waited for nearly an hour for our bus to get back to Dublin. Eventually we had the chance to explore Dublin on our own again until eight o`clock when we had dinner together.

We ended our day by cleaning the dishes, by going shopping for the next breakfast and by writing this blog J.

Hannah and Mathilda

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