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Tuesday, 2nd February

Our day started at 7:30 am. Quarter of an hour later it was time for breakfast and we prepared sandwiches for the day. At 8.45, we started on our way heading to Bridge21 where we finally arrived at 9.15 with the Irish waiting for us.
As a warm-up we brainstormed in our groups, that had been created the day before, on what one can do with a bottle of coke. The results weren't always realistic but always funny.


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Afterwards, we were told to think about the different ways we identify ourselves. Based on the results we had to create a video dealing with the intercultural differences. We got 1.40 h for this task which was interrupted by a 30-minute break. After a delicious burger, we finished our video. The following presentation revealed the actual value of stereotypes – they are unnecessary since we are basically all equal.


Then Bridge21 was completed for the day. Thereupon, we visited the Book of Kells exhibition and the Trinity Library – sadly the actual highlight of it, the Book of Kells itself, was inaccessible due to renovation works. Anyways, it was an impressive experience especially with the background knowledge of the Trinity Library being a part of the Star Wars movies: because George Lucas had been totally fascinated with it, he digitally reproduced the library which resulted in the Jedi library.


In the following free time, we ate something, played cards and bought the necessary ingredients we required for our dinner that we were about to cook since we also formed that days cooking team. The result: a wrap buffet with vegetables, chicken, cheese and several sauces. As soon as everybody was satisfied we went to the cinema and watched the movie Brooklyn.


All in all, it was another nice day and we are all looking forward to seeing the Irish students in their school tomorrow and play hurling with them.


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