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Monday, 1st February 2016

Today we met the Irish students from Rush at Bridge21 for the first time. On the way to Trinity College we were all very nervous and very excited because we didn't know what would happened. Of course, we were on time and had to wait for the Irish students.


After the Irish students arrived, we played some games as an icebreaker. Then our first real task was to go outside and take "selfies" with many famous sights in Dublin. After that we used the selfies to make a video about Dublin to attract German tourists. The Irish students had to do the voice-over for the video in German and we all helped them do it. At the end, we presented the videos to the other groups.

At 2:30 pm we walked to the Irish parliament. We had a tour and it was very nice. We learned a lot about the political system and about the function of the parliament in Ireland. We also learned something about the meaning of the flag: green represents the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, orange represents the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white represents the aspiration for peace between them.


Then we had some free time and most of us went to Grafton Street to go shopping. The architecture of the St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre reminded us of Kilmainham Gaol which we had visited on Sunday.
At the end of the day the weather was very stormy and rainy so we walked back to the hostel. At 6 o´clock some students cooked spaghetti bolognese, which was delicious.


All in all, our day was very busy and we learned some exciting new things. It was a great day!


Frederike and Ann-Karina

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