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Thursday, 4th February

On our penultimate day we had to get up very early again and we had breakfast at our hostel. At 8:45 am we went to Bridge21, where we had a “German Day” and everyone had to speak German. Thus, at this day we, the German students, were teachers for the Irish students. We also formed new groups of Irish and German students and we had to make a video about our favourite TV show with our new groups.


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After Bridge21 we had some free time. We went shopping and packed our things. At 6 pm we met again at the Christ Church Cathedral and visited a Choral Evensong. We think the choir was amazing, but it was a pity that we could not see more of the cathedral.

Wednesday, 3rd February

This morning we got up very early and met the others at 7.30 for breakfast. After we prepared our sandwiches for the day, we went to the bus, which took us to Rush. Rush is a small seaside town near Dublin, where the Irish students go to school.


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After 1.30 hours on the bus, we arrived at St. Joseph´s Secondary School. Our friends from Ireland greeted us very warmly with some hot chocolate and biscuits. Two students showed us a short presentation about their school and we split up in small groups to visit their classes. First we took part in the Accounting lesson. In that class, we only had to calculate some numbers, so it was easy to handle. After that, we went to the Spanish lesson, but the teacher wasn´t present, so we had free time and talked to other Irish pupils.

Monday, 1st February 2016

Today we met the Irish students from Rush at Bridge21 for the first time. On the way to Trinity College we were all very nervous and very excited because we didn't know what would happened. Of course, we were on time and had to wait for the Irish students.


After the Irish students arrived, we played some games as an icebreaker. Then our first real task was to go outside and take "selfies" with many famous sights in Dublin. After that we used the selfies to make a video about Dublin to attract German tourists. The Irish students had to do the voice-over for the video in German and we all helped them do it. At the end, we presented the videos to the other groups.

Tuesday, 2nd February

Our day started at 7:30 am. Quarter of an hour later it was time for breakfast and we prepared sandwiches for the day. At 8.45, we started on our way heading to Bridge21 where we finally arrived at 9.15 with the Irish waiting for us.
As a warm-up we brainstormed in our groups, that had been created the day before, on what one can do with a bottle of coke. The results weren't always realistic but always funny.


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Day 1: Saturday, 30th January 2016

At 8:30 am we met at Düsseldorf airport. We were all a bit nervous but very excited to be going on the trip to Dublin. After our 2 hour-long flight, we arrived in Dublin at 12pm (Irish time) and we were driven to our hostel, the "Backpackers' Sky" in downtown Dublin. We checked in and were impressed by its great atmosphere. Then we explored Dublin with the help of our wonderful tour-guide Lisa, who told us a lot about its buildings and the history of Dublin from 600 BC up to the present day. It was very informative.


At the end of the day we were very tired, but also happy that we had experienced so much.


Mats and Zorbey

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