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2020 10 Hygienekonzept

IMG 6454To start the day some of us had to pack their luggage and some were already finished. Therefore they could help the others. Then we had breakfast with the whole group at our hostel at 9 am. After that we went to St. Stephen’s Green, which is one of the most famous parks in central Dublin.
Afterwards we had free time to buy some last souvenirs in Dublin. We met at the hostel at 12:45 to pick up our luggage. Then we took the bus to the airport, where we had to wait for another two hours. At about 8:20 pm we landed in Düsseldorf.
All in all it was a fun trip which all of us enjoyed. We saw some really beautiful locations and made new friends, gained new experiences and learned a lot.

by Sarina, Birte and Gero

Nach dem Aufstehen mussten einige ihr Gepäck packen, die, die bereits fertig waren, konnten den anderen Schülern helfen. Dann frühstückten wir um 9 Uhr im Hostel. Danach gingen wir zum St. Stephen‘s Green, einem der bekanntesten Parks im Zentrum Dublins.
Danach hatten wir Freizeit, um ein paar letzte Souvenirs in Dublin zu kaufen. Wir trafen uns um 12:45 Uhr im Hostel, um unser Gepäck abzuholen. Dann fuhren wir mit dem Bus zum Flughafen, wo wir noch zwei Stunden warten mussten. Gegen 20.20 Uhr landeten wir in Düsseldorf.
Alles in allem war es eine interessante und spannende Reise, welche uns allen sehr gefallen hat. Wir haben schöne Orte gesehen, viel gelernt und neue Freunde und Erfahrungen gewonnen.

by Sarina, Birte und Gero

IMG 9592In the morning we had breakfast as usual. Then our group went to the Goethe Institute in order to go on a scavenger hunt with the Irish pupils. Afterwards we went to the city to take some pictures with our new Irish friends. Then our group experienced the pleasure of having another workshop at Bridge 21. We, separated in different groups consisting of Germans as well as Irish students, produced videos, in which we showed the advantages of our stay here in Ireland. At the end we presented our results to the others.
After that the moment we had all feared had come: we had to say goodbye to our Irish partners who had become such a big and important part of our five-day stay in Dublin. Later, we enjoyed the Choral Evensong at Christchurch Cathedral. Then our group split: one part participated in a so-called Irish dinner, the other students had dinner which was prepared by Mert, Mervan, Can and Luis. Tomorrow we will fly back to Germany.

IMG 9586Am Morgen haben wir wie immer gefrühstückt. Danach gingen wir zum Goethe Institut, um eine Schnitzeljagd mit den Iren zu machen. Danach gingen wir in die Stadt, um Fotos mit unseren neuen irischen Freunden zu schießen. Dann nahmen wir ein letztes Mal an einem Workshop teil, der im Bridge 21 stattfand. Wir produzierten Videos, in welchen wir die Vorteile eines Irlandaufenthalts erläuterten. Danach kam der Moment, den wir alle gefürchtet hatten: Der Abschied von den irischen Schülern, die so ein wichtiger Teil unseres Irlandaufenthalts waren. Dann nahmen wir am Evensong in der Christchurch Cathedral teil. Danach teilte sich unsere Gruppe auf: Ein Teil der Gruppe nahm am sogenannten Irish Dinner teil, der andere Teil genoss das Essen, welches von Mervan, Mert, Can und Luis zubereitet worden war. Morgen werden wir nach Deutschland zurückfliegen.

IMG 5576
The third day started very relaxed and tasty. After we woke up and prepared our sandwiches for the day, our trip started. We went to a cafe named “Keoghs”. We had a variety of dishes, some decided to try a typical Irish breakfast, others chose a healthier alternative like joghurt with fruits. All in all it was delicious. Many of us thought the servings would be smaller, so the others who were still hungry were lucky. After that we went to the train station and drove to Howth, which is located at the coast. We hiked along the seaside for about two hours, it was exhausting for some but it was worth it. We had an incredible view of the ocean and the beautiful cliffs of Ireland. While some of us were taking pictures, others relaxed and had a picnic. Finally we arrived at the place where we had started our hike. There we had our second break and enjoyed the amazing view one last time before we went back to our hostel. Before we headed back our kind teachers surprised us with scones and muffins. Most of us were tired so we slept for some hours, but our cooking team went shopping and made wonderful pancakes for dinner. Altogether it was a beautiful day.

Sophie und KlaraIMG 5565

Der dritte Tag startete sehr ruhig und lecker. Nachdem wir aufgestanden waren und wir unsere Sandwiches vorbereitet hatten, startete unser Ausflug. Wir gingen zu einem Café namens „Keoghs“. Dort hatten wir eine große Auswahl an Früstücksmöglichkeiten, manche entschieden sich für das gewöhnliche „Irish breakfast“, andere entschieden sich für eine gesündere Variante und wählten zum Beispiel Joghurt mit Obst. Alles in allem war es sehr lecker. Aber viele von uns fanden, dass die Portionen hätten kleiner seien können, aber die die noch hungrig waren hatten somit Glück. Danach liefen wir zur Haltestelle und fuhren nach Howth. Howth ist eine Stadt an der Küste. Wir wanderten ungefähr zwei Stunden an der Küste entlang, es war sehr anstrengend aber auch sehr spektakulär. Wir hatten einen unglaublichen Ausblick auf die Küste und das Meer. Manche von und machten Fotos, andere ruhten sich aus und picknickten. Später kamen wir wieder da an, wo wir starteten. Dort hatten wir unsere zweite Pause und genoßen den tollen Ausblick, bevor zurück zum Hostel fuhren. Aber bevor wir zurück fuhren, überraschten uns unsere Lehrerinnen noch mit Scones und Muffins. Als wir im Hostel ankamen, waren alle erschöpft und schliefen für ein paar Stunden, aber die Kochgruppe ging zum Supermarkt und kaufte ein und bereitete sehr leckere Pfannkuchen zu. Zusammenfassend könne wir sagen, dass es ein sehr gelungener Tag war.

IMG 9580At the beginning of this day everyone at the hostel got out of bed and got ready. After getting ready we all went down the stairs to eat breakfast. The options how you wanted your breakfast to be were huge, our teachers told us to clean up our dishes and then return to the table and sit down. We got told how the day was planned, starting with us going to the bus!

At the bus stop we waited for the bus with the number 33, which would bring us to Rush. That’s when the exciting part began. We went for one hour by bus until we finally arrived in Rush with a lot of motivation and excitement we walked down the streets right to the Irish school where the Irish students welcomed us. The first thing we saw were signs on which things like ‘Willkommen’ or ‘Gelsenkirchen’ were written. Then we were brought to a classroom in which the principal and a teacher named Mrs Irwin awaited us with a friendly smile on their faces. We all sat down in a circle, receiving gifts from our soon to be Irish friends.

Mrs Irwin told us about the plans for our day at their school. We all listened carefully — we started with a tour around the school, then we went on a selfie hunt and returned to the school collecting our reward. After going to another exciting class, we had to change into sport outfits because the next thing we did was Hurling.

blaWe walked down the beach, which had a beautiful view, to get to the field where we would play the Gaelic game. A young man waited for us. He would show us how to play hurling properly, without getting ourselves hurt.
We started by warming up. We had to run around in different directions as soon as he yelled “ONE”, we had to get on the ground, roll over and stand back up, when he yelled “TWO”, we had to find a partner to connect shoulders with. If he yelled “THREE “, everyone had to do the highest ‘high five’ they were able to do. We had to jump up so we could make it as high as possible. Then we finally started playing and we got our hurls. After that we were taught how to play with the ball (pushing it from one side to the other), how to protect it (had to jump around protecting it with our “arse” – how the teacher liked to call it) and also how to pass it (throwing the ball into the air hitting it with the hurling) and how to catch it (usually with one hand passing it back).

Every German student got used to the techniques very quickly and our teacher was very proud of us — the time passed and we went on to another sport named Gaelic Football. We had to let the ball fall on the ground, then catch it, then let it fall down again, this time catching it with our foot, bringing it back up to us and passing it (with a roll motion of the hand) to our partners. After getting a feeling for the ball, we had a competition in kicking the ball — team ugly against uglier, the winners of the match was team uglier (congrats to them).

Being exhausted and tired we all went back to the school. We had time to change clothes. Then had to go to the bus station quickly where we waited a couple of minutes before the bus arrived. Arriving back in Dublin, our group walked back to the hostel we stayed in, waiting for the others to get what they needed because our next stop was the Hardrock Cafe. We all sat down at a large table where we ordered our food, sat together, ate and laughed about different topics — like the fails while playing the game. After finishing eating our group split up. One part went to the cinema and the other part stayed at the hostel or took a nice walk outside.

IMG 9448
The first day started with the arrival at Dublin Airport at 12 am.We had to take the airport shuttle to the city centre of Dublin, the next step was to check-in at the hostel. There we stored away our luggage and met the tour guide who explained to us the most important historical events that shaped Dublin. We walked around and saw many pubs and streets where the people were in party mood, singing and drinking. The guide taught us some Irish songs like ‘’Molly Malone’’ which was really fun to sing. The next step was to fill the stomach after hours in a really cool restaurant. Most of us ordered ‘Fish ‘n Chips’ which was really delicious. After this we had some free time in town during which we explored the city and Irish nightlife.
We hope we will be able to tell you more about Dublin in the following days.

IMG 9434 Kopie

Der erste Tag in Dublin startete um 12 Uhr am Dubliner Flughafen. Von dort aus nahmen wir den Bus zum Stadtzentrum und checkten in der Unterkunft ein. Dort verstauten wir unser Gepäck und trafen unseren Stadtführer Cathal, welcher uns die wichtigsten historischen Ereignisse, welche Dublin beeinflussten, näher brachte. Wir haben viele Pubs und Straßen gesehen, wo Partystimmung herrschte, bestehend aus Trinken und Singen. Der Stadtführer brachte uns irische Lieder wie ‚Molly Malone‘ bei, welche wir voller Freude sangen. Anschließend begaben wir uns in ein Restaurant, wo der Großteil der Gruppe Fish‘n Chips orderte, welche sehr delikat waren. Anschließend hatten wir Zeit zu unserer eigenen Verfügung, die wir zum Erkunden der Stadt nutzten, wo wir unter anderem einen Einblick in das Nachtleben bekamen.
Wir hoffen, dass wir euch demnächst mehr über unsere erlebnisreichen Tage berichten können.

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