To be honest, I am not quite sure, because I haven't read the whole thing yet... although it has been the homework for like 3 weeks.

But I feel like that alone speaks a lot for the book. I feel it was way too simple and was just some overdramatized teenager problems, which is made, because there is no real plot going on and you just read about the main character Jenny and her personal arc, without any type of story really going on. There are multiple unnecessary side-plots, which were mentioned every now and then, but they did nothing with it to make it cohesive. So I felt like not reading it, because these are just some everyday situations teenagers go through. If I wanted to hear about some teenage drama I would listen to some off my classmates, which would also be entertaining, then reading the book. Jenny is also a "drama queen" (to say the least), so she is just unlikeable, to me. At least it's not that long, so I guess that's something.

So, if I had to give it a score, it would be 3 out of 10, because it's relatively boring and bland.