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2020 Infoabend Seiteneinsteiger

2020 Infoabend Seiteneinsteiger

2020 Infoabend Seiteneinsteiger

Summary of chapter 4

The story „The Network“ is written by Dominik Eberhard and published by Cornelsen English Library in 2012 for students gymnasium 9. It is about a girl called Jenny who is a user of the network. There she meets different people who pretend to be someone else and stalk her. In this summary we write about chapter 4 called “Working out”.

Before school Jenny and Vicky talk about the usual things like every day. Today it is about Kevin the weird guy who texted Jenny on the Network. They also talk about the math homework. Both didn´t understand it but Mark did. He gives them his exercise book so that they can write it down in their own exercise book. After that he asks them if they know a good swimming pool for his workout. Vicky who likes to get in contact with other people directly answers and added the idea that they all could go together there. Jenny isn´t excited about that. Ten minutes before they wanted to meet Vicky texts Jenny that she isn´t able to come. Jenny doesn´t want to go alone with Mark but it was too late to cancel it so they meet up. On the way to the swimming pool they don´t know what to talk about so that both feel weird. When they arrive at the pool Jenny recognizes that she isn´t as fit as she thought. Mark is very fit and shows her how to front crowl. Since this isn´t as weird as before and both were happy. It turns into a nice afternoon.

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