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2020 10 Hygienekonzept

In the last session we've learned everything about word-clouds - What they are about and how do the look. 

With word clouds you can get a first impression of a text without reading it. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text, so that you already know what might be important without reading it. But you can also make up your own cloud by using the words - for example of a chapter - that are important for yourself and you can vary the size of the words respective to the importance it has for you. 

These are our wordclouds - see yourselves:

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Good morning students,
my name is Ms. Newton and I am a local police officer. 
I've got send here by the police department to tell you guys about Internet safety. I've got send here, because there was a kind of accident, that happend to a girl, that goes to this school as well. 
At first, some simple tips, which all of you know and do already: 
- don't tell anyone the information, if you want to keep for yourself
- don't make ironic references to it, makes you seem phony
- some really important informations (like a password) shouldnt even be mentioned, not on the Internet nor in real life
The mistake the girl on this school made, was basically trusting in the wrong people. So if want to give private information to an another person, a person you trust a lot (like your mom or your bestie).  
An another tip is, writing down your passwords, in the physical form or on your phone. Noticed how I said passwordS? It would be better to have a different password for every site, so hackers cant hack your account that easily. Just to be safe, you know. 
I got a lot of other classes, which I need to visit today. So that would be it. Are there any questions left?

 Good morning dear students, 

my name is Newton. I’m often visiting schools here in Wood Green, and today I am at your school. I’m here to make you aware of the internet, and what can happen if you are not safe. First of all I will tell you about the person x he/she had been on “The Network“, and got hacked. Person x hadn’t kept his/her password private, and told it to her/his friend. X got a lot in trouble, and had to get in touch with us (we are the police), to be safe again. You should never tell anybody your password, or accept people you don’t know, because they can be hacker or fake accounts. Please be aware guys, because the problems are real, and everything can be very awful and dangerous. You can protect yourself, with a good password that nobody knows, or don’t accept people you don’t know. You shouldn’t also give too much information about yourself in your biography, like your telephone number or where you live. If you get in trouble or need necessarily help please talk to anybody who can help you and get you out of this trouble, or visit us, the police. 


Dear friend from ireland,

here is mark. Or how we say here, halo I bim 1 mark. I live now in wood green and its really good here. I`ve found many new friends here and I like my new home. I hope we can see each other in the holidays. Do you miss me too? Just I hope that. Know I this isn`t good English but my classmate maja says that I shouldn`t begin every sentence with “I”.

thanks for listening




Hey Ed Sheeran from Ireland.

Here is Mark. First I was very sad to leave my old home and my friends but now It is okay here too. I am still missing you but I met also new friends. They are called Jenny and Vicky. I think Jenny and I could become a couple but that’s another story.  I like it very much here. Here is a swimming pool close to my house and I could go there by bike. I hope we could meet in the holidays but till them I hope we stay in contact with emails.

Lots of love Mark



Hi  Jack,

I hope you`re fine. Here in Wood Green it`s pretty nice. The neighborhood is friendly and my teachers at school are relaxed. I`ve already found some new friends. Over here almost everybody has a mobile phone and they use a social media network called “The Network”. I don’t like this; they communicate more via this website then in real life. One of my Friends Jenny got in big trouble because of “The Network”. Someone found out her password and posted bad comments in her name. Then she wanted to meet a nice looking boy but it was a fake account and she met with a strange man who stalked her. I helped her with math homework and we went swimming. I really like her. Maybe I am going to visit you in the next summer holidays.

Best wishes


TK&TJ :-)


To be honest, I am not quite sure, because I haven't read the whole thing yet... although it has been the homework for like 3 weeks.

But I feel like that alone speaks a lot for the book. I feel it was way too simple and was just some overdramatized teenager problems, which is made, because there is no real plot going on and you just read about the main character Jenny and her personal arc, without any type of story really going on. There are multiple unnecessary side-plots, which were mentioned every now and then, but they did nothing with it to make it cohesive. So I felt like not reading it, because these are just some everyday situations teenagers go through. If I wanted to hear about some teenage drama I would listen to some off my classmates, which would also be entertaining, then reading the book. Jenny is also a "drama queen" (to say the least), so she is just unlikeable, to me. At least it's not that long, so I guess that's something.

So, if I had to give it a score, it would be 3 out of 10, because it's relatively boring and bland.


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