The second day started with breakfast at 8:00 am.
After that, we went to Bridge 21 and met the Irish students for the first time.
It was very excited for us to meet the Irish students because we skyped with them before and to see them personally was very cool!
We did a workshop with them and the topic was “The EU in 2050“.
We had to film some video clips. The groups were all mixed of two Irish and two German students. The cooperation went very well and we build a good relationship with them in a short amount of time.
After that, we went to the famous library in Trinity College and admired the beauty of the books.
Moreover, we left the library and used our free time to do what we want to do in Dublin.
At 7:00 pm, our first cooking group finished dinner and we all ate together at the hostel.
The rest of the night we spend relaxed at the hostel.

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