Today was our first day in Dublin.

We met on the airport at 8.30 am and two hours later our plane took off. When we arrived in Dublin, we were very excited and left the airport at 12 am. We should mention that we had to turn the clocks back an hour. After a 20-minute drive we arrived at our hostel but our rooms weren’t ready yet. So, we had a bit of time to have lunch and to get a first impression of the city.

IMG 2881At 2 pm everybody got their rooms and we went on a sightseeing tour. Cathal, our tour guide, showed us Dublin for about two hours. He told us a lot of things about Ireland, about the culture, the history, Irish mythology and about some famous buildings. But we also sang some typical Irish songs like “Molly Malone” and he shared some fun facts with us. He also told us a lot about ghosts that are haunting Dublin. The highlight of the tour was the visit of Trinity College. We learned much about it and we were really impressed.

IMG 2879After this tour we went to a restaurant and most of us ordered Fish and Chips. It was delicious and some of us tried vinegar with their chips. We had some free time after that to explore the city. We saw the pubs and got an impression of the Dublin nightlife. At 8 pm our programme ended and we returned to the hostel. In the evening we sat in the lobby and talked about some funny and interesting topics. J

We are looking forward to getting to know the city better!

Mariam and Berenike